Not all candles are created equal, and Country Scents Candles are proof.  They are hand poured 100% soy wax products without harsh chemicals or dyes.  So what are you waiting on - put your nose in my business and come along with me.  They offer no fees ever - you earn 25% commission and a 25% discount.  So, what are you waiting on?  Well, except maybe to smell a few scents?  In that case, you are in the right spot.  Simply fill out the form below and I will drop you a sample in the mail.  What's the catch.....well, none really - simply give an honest review after you  have warmed the fragrance in your home for a day or so and of course, agree to let me use the review either here or on  my facebook page.

There is no purchase required, however we do reserve the right to remove someone from the "club" if at least one purchase within a 6-month period is not made.  Now, if you find that you love every scent we send you and think you'd like to do what we do - sign up to be a consultant - it's free to join!!  Just click the Facebook link at the bottom of the sign up form and then follow the shop now link to the sign up page.

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