Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Is May over yet.....

I feel like it's been ages since I was able to sit down at my computer and put down some thoughts. May has been a pretty rough month so far. Is it over yet? It has definitely been a busy month, that's for sure. Most Direct Sales companies switch gears from winter/spring to summer as the end of April draws near and May wakes up the spring flowers and captures the songbirds in the morning sunshine. It hasn't been that serene on this end. We've had quite a few things going on in our house since spring has turned into summer rather quickly and left the pollen explosion in it's wake. I've made quite a few trips to the ER this month as I still battle the unknown cause of the swelling. Hopefully soon. This past weekend found me again at the ER with a bout of food poisoning. My ribs and surrounding muscles are still recovering from the exhausting task of dry heaving. But, I am on the mend as things finally seem to creep back to normal and then I look at the calendar...........what? it's almost month end, the a new month begins and we start all over again.........Oh my!!

This is the last week of school for us here. Actually, Thursday is the last day. Proms have taken place and for some for the very last time. Graduations are happening, colleges are being decided upon and summer is so close you can smell it. But, if you are in Direct Sales, two of the most hated "J" words in the English language are fast approaching....J U N E and J U L Y. Families are headed to Grandma's house or to the beach for some R&R or maybe both. You won't check your email or your FB account quite as often and your favorite consultant is now sad and lonely.....longing for an answer to that impromptu email and maybe just the smallest of orders.

Remember that you can take them and US with you. As our Gift Guide continues to grow, you will find your favorite products are just a few clicks away on the handy, dandy cell phone. We've put them all in one place so that with just a few simple clicks - your best and most favorite products are headed your way.........no matter where that is.

Now is a great time to sign up for the Sample of the Month Club(s) - samples are a great way to travel and most are TSA compliant. The next round of samples will go out during that first week of June, so you've got plenty of time. Oh, and be sure to share the clubs with your friends - that way you don't have to share your samples!!!

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