Friday, May 10, 2019

Good Morning

Well, we seem to have most of the bugs worked out of the blog and are getting the hang of it.  Now, it's finding the time every day to sit down and keep all of you up to date with everything.  I had a doctor's appointment yesterday.  It is amazing how  many different opinions one can get from each doctor.  It's like putting a color in the middle of a circle of 100 people.  Not everyone will see the same color.  The same goes for the diagnosis of the swelling of my feet and legs.  Immediately, everyone of them suggests congestive heart failure and they all run the same tests and get the same result - negative.  Then  ultrasounds and other scans ensue.  All with the same result - negative for whatever they are looking for.  They can all tell me what is NOT the cause, but so far no one can tell  me what IS the cause.  Meanwhile, the swelling continues, the pain continues and I am out of work because I promise you these feet will not fit into any shoes that will allow me to work - nevermind standing for any period of time.  So, it's another new doctor - more blood work on Monday and back to square one.  He seems to think that my thyroid medication may need an adjustment and that I may be diabetic, both of which will cause the fluid retention and the swelling.  I will just be happy to find out the cause and get a relief.   Anyway - happy Friday!!!  Have a great weekend.  Do something fun and send some quality time with your loved ones!

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